Search for 2013 Unica Hija Online Ambassador

  1. Open to all bloggers who are fans of Unica Hija Facebook page and follower of Unica Hija Twitter account.
  2. Blog a photo of you wearing at least 2 Unica Hija Items.
  3. Explain in 1-3 sentences why are you an only girl.  The more creative and unique the explanations are, the better.
  4. Add a link of Unica Hija FB account at the end of your entry.
  5. Email the URL of your blog about Unica Hija at, with the Subject:  Only Girl Contest.
  6. Send your entries until May 24, 2013; 12Nn.
  7. Photo entries will be uploaded on May 25, 2013 (9PM) for public voting.
  8. The photo entry with the most number of likes on May 31, 2013; 7PM, shall win.
  9. Prize:  Three months worth of sponsored Unica Hija items, plus the title of Unica Hija Online Ambassador.