Coca-Cola Share Happiness, Wear Happiness Promo


  1. Promotion period is from February 15 to April 30, 2013
  • Feb. 15   :                Start of Texting Entries to 2653
  • Mar. 8    :                1st Electronic Draw Date
  • Apr. 29   :                Last Day of Texting Raffle Entries
  • Apr. 30   :                Final Electronic Draw Date
  • Jun. 30   :                Final Redemption day for P 10.00 Bench Discounts
  • Coverage:                Nationwide (GMA, NOL, SOL, VIS, MIN)


2.The promotion is open to subscribers of Smart, Sun, and Globe both in post-paid or pre-paid plans, who are residents of the Philippines. Text message entry requires compatible mobile phone with text messaging and data service. Some restrictions apply.




4. To participate in the promotion, consumers must purchase any of the participating brands and and text-in the promo code that can be found under the caps or crowns of the participating pack sizes:

  • Under the crown for Sakto 200ml, 237ml, 240ml, 355ml variants
  • Under the cap for  1L, 750ml, and 800ml glass bottles
  • Under the cap for  500ml, 1.25L, 1.5L, 1.75L, 2L and 2.25L plastic bottles


5. TO JOIN, Consumers must  simply text in his/her entries using the following format

COKE    to 2653

Example:             COKE 1234ABC to 2653


For each entry sent, the participant will be charged by their mobile phone service provider a load/text fee of P1.00 for Smart, Globe and Sun subscribers. Consumers must use regular load, unlimited text promos do not apply.


6. Consumers will then receive a message for a ONE-TIME registration in the format below.

COKE REG // to 2653

Example:             COKE REG Franco Santiago/26/ 2129 Chino Roces Ave., Makati City

Registration is FREE of charge. After registration, a confirmation message will be sent to the consumer acknowledging his/her registration. There can only be one official registered participant per mobile phone number. Incomplete registration details will be disqualified.


7. A valid entry should consist of the ff:

  • Prior and proper completion of the One-Time Registration
  • A valid and current mobile phone number from SMART, GLOBE, or SUN
  • Participants name to validate the promo code (Participants name should be the same as the officially registered participant’s name per number 6 above for the specified mobile phone number)
  • A valid promo code generated by the official service provider of Coca-Cola for this promotion*
  • Proof of Purchase – A valid and official cap/crown of the participating products stated above

* All promo codes will be submitted to FDA sealed. This will only be opened when a consumer complaint arises



8. Registered consumers will be allowed to text-in as many valid entries as they can during the promo period. To note:

  • Each entry is valid for all draws until the cut-off date or until it wins in the raffle
  • All non-winning entries automatically qualify for the succeeding draws.

*Deadline for sending valid entries is on April 29, 2013 at 11:59PM



9. PRIZES: Participants who text-in valid entries or look under the cap or crown have a chance to win:





Just look under the cap or crown and redeem in participating Bench stores nationwide. Get “P10 OFF for a minimum P100 single-receipt purchase”. The discount is available to all consumers with an official cap or crown with P10 OFF printed under the cap or crown. The Price Off will be given at the establishment’s cashier at the time of purchase as a deduction from the purchase price of the product. All caps or crowns must be surrendered to claim the Price-Off

Subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Valid for purchases of regular items only.
  • Only 1 crown or cap per transaction.
  • Valid for only cash transactions and card.
  • Not valid for purchases using gift certificates.
  • Not valid for purchases of gift certificates.
  • Not valid for purchases of sale items, gift packs and bundled items.
  • May not be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  • No additional discount will be given for Privilege Cardholders.
  • Final Bench Discount redemption day is June 30, 2013
  • Go to for list of participating Bench Stores


2. COCA-COLA 8oz:


Just look under the cap or crown and get a Coca-Cola 8oz instantly (contents only). Redeem in participating sari-sari stores nationwide until June 30, 2013 only. Contact Coca-Cola Contact Center Hotlines (Toll Free Numbers) for list of participating stores nationwide: PLDT/SMART/TALK N’ TEXT: 1800-1-888-COKE (2653); GLOBE: 1800-8-888-COKE



  • MAJOR HOURLY RAFFLE PRIZE:  Bench Gift Certificates worth Php 10,000


  • Bench Gift Certificates worth Php 10,000 will be raffled off electronically and will be allocated every hour, every day for each promo week.
  • A total of 1,440 Bench gift certificates will be awarded throughout the promo period. An hourly winner’s name will be chosen via electronic raffle. All prizes are tax-free. A participant can only win once.
  • Promo Duration is 60 days x 24 hours = 1,440 winners




Raffle Prizes: A total of 1,440 Bench Gift Certificates will be awarded throughout the promo period. A winner’s name will be chosen via electronic raffle. A participant can win only once throughout the entire duration of the promotion for the hourly raffle prize. All prizes are tax-free and not convertible to cash.



Potential raffle winners will receive an official phone call from TCCEC’s Third Party Agency (TPA) for initial proof of purchase verification. TCCEC’s TPA will verify the proof of purchase and will give the potential winner three (3) days after the initial verification phone call to confirm if he or she has the cap/crown with the potential winning promo code. TCCEC’s TPA will make a follow-up call after three days, failure to locate and confirm possession of the potential winning cap/crown within the three day period will mean disqualification of the potential winner. A back-up potential winner will then be notified upon written approval of FDA. Once a potential winner’s proof of purchase has been verified, TCCEC’s TPA will send a registered mail indicating the type of prize won, the corresponding promo code, and instructions on how and when to claim the prize. Winners will NOT be notified through text, only through registered mail. The official cap/crown containing the texted-in promo code needs to be surrendered by the potential winners to claim prizes.



In claiming a raffle prize, winning participants must present the promo code (proof of purchase), his/her active SIM card for the phone number that sent the winning entry, the original notification telegram sent, two (2) valid identification documents (Driver’s license, Passport, Birth Certificate, SSS, TIN). The IDs presented (singly or collectively) should show the following information below. If the IDs presented does not contain these three (3) information, it will not be accepted as a valid proof of identification:

1. Full Name

2. Date of Birth

3. Signature



If winner is (1) a minor he/she must be accompanied by legal guardian, or legal guardian claims on his/her behalf (presenting all necessary documents); and,  if the winner is (2) unable to claim the prize him/herself, a representative must present the necessary documents:

1. A letter of authorization duly signed by the winner, nominating the parent/legal guardian, or representative as the acknowledged recipient of the prize on the winners behalf

2. Proof of purchase containing promo code drawn in the raffle

3. Two (2) original IDs of the winner (Section  12)

4. Two (2) original IDs of the representative/legal guardian

5. Original notification telegram

6. The winner’s active SIM card for the phone number that sent the winning entry.



TCCEC reserves the right to conduct a verification process for all potential winners before awarding any prize. TCCEC/TPA will verify the identity of the potential winners and the proof of purchase or cap/crown with the corresponding promo code before awarding the prizes. Winners who fail the verification process will be disqualified. All decisions made by TCCEC on all matters related to this promotion are final.


By joining this promotion, all participants who submit entries consent to and authorize TCCEC to publish their names and/or pictures and disclose their identities for purposes of announcing potential and actual winners, promoting and marketing this promotion and for any other purpose related to the promotion.


The actual proof of purchase or cap/crown with the promo code and instant win messages must not be lost, tampered, defaced, mutilated or destroyed beyond fair recognition of its promo code and instant win messages as this will be grounds for disqualification. Only authentic promo crowns/caps with correct security features will be honored


Raffle Prizes and Coca-Cola 8 oz. instant prizes not claimed within 60 days after the end of the promo period will no longer be released and will be forfeited in favor of TCCEC with the written approval of FDA.  Bench Discounts can be claimed only until June 30, 2013.


Employees of TCCEC, CCBP, MEPs, including those of their parent companies, affiliates, their third party suppliers including Ace Promotions, Oks Pinoy, Starlink, Suyen Corporation, FDA and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining this promotion.