Cobra Pinoy Hero 2013 Mechanics

Cobra Pinoy Hero 2013 Mechanics

Who can join:
1. Open to all Filipinos, 18 years old and above as of May 23, 2013
2. Fan of Cobra Philippines Facebook page

How to Join:
1. Promo duration is from May 12, 2013 to August 25, 2013
2. Submit a personal story or nominate a story of another qualified individual. The topic of the story should be one or more of the following:
a) Overcoming challenges and adversity
b) Inspiring achievements resulting to personal and/or financial growth
c) Stories that exemplify strength and character
d) Stories of modern day heroism/acts of bravery/sacrifice
e) Stories that exemplify positive Filipino values
3. Stories will be segregated down into 4 categories:
a) YOUTH (18 – 23 years old)
b) WORK FORCE (18yrs up, currently employed)
c) SERVICE (Men and Women in Uniform, vocations, NGOs, govt. service)
d) MODERN DAY HERO (18yrs up, male or female who has done an act of bravery, courage or selflessness, beyond the call of duty, in an everyday setting beyond what is expected of them.
4. Interested participants can share their story through the following:
a) Cobra Pinoy Heroes App on Facebook
b) Interviews to be held in on-ground activations, details of which will be announced and conducted by Carat Phils. Inc and Manila Broadcasting Company in 20 cities: Metro Manila, Bukidon, General Santos, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Isabela, Dagupan, Bataan/Olongapo, Dumaguete, Naga, Iloilo, Tacloban, Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Zamboanga
5. To join via Facebook, interested participants must:
a) Go to Cobra Pinoy Heroes App on Facebook
b) Select if “Kwento Ko” (Share Your Own Story) or “Kwento Ni Idol” (Nominate Someone)
c) To submit an entry, the user will have to input the tale of heroism in the text field with a maximum limit of 400 words. The user may choose to upload a photo and give the story a title by filling in the title field. (max. limit of 60 characters)
g) The user must choose the category the submission falls under: Youth, Work Force, Service, Modern Day Hero
h) The user must also read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box before proceeding.
6. To join via on-ground, representatives of Carat and/or MBC (Manila Broadcasting Company) will hold on ground activations during a weekend in the 20 aforementioned cities to conduct interviews (audio/video recorded) of interested participants who can share their stories. Carat and/or MBC will require the following from the participants:
a) Mention if “Share own story” or “Nominate a story”
b) If “Share own story,” participants must provide the following details: Name, Birth Date Address, Contact number, and Occupation/s.
c) If “Nominate a story,” participants who are nominating must provide the following details: Name, Address, Contact Number, Name of nominee, Nominee’s Address, Birth Date, Contact Number, Occupation/s of Nominee, Relationship with the Nominee.
d) A Story must not exceed 5 minutes of audio recording.
e) During the on-ground activity, participants who shared their story will be given a premium item or token product.
f) Only entries with complete details will be considered valid entries.
g) Drop boxes will be placed in MBC Stations for written entries.
7. To join via 1minute video upload on Facebook,
a) Select “Share own story,” participants must provide the following details on the required fields: Name, Birth Date, Address, Contact number and Occupation/s.
8. If a participant’s own story is the same as a nominated story, it will only be considered as one entry.
a) In “Nominate a story,” participants may submit multiple entries, provided that the nominee/hero of the story is different per story.
b) The hero of the story may only win once. Regardless if he/she submitted his/her own story and at the same time nominated by different individuals.
c) In submitting a story (regardless if it is his or her own story or nominating another person’s story), the person submitting attests to the authenticity and truthfulness of the story. Shortlisted stories will undergo verification and investigation prior to being announced. Stories proven to be false or altered will be deemed void even if it has already been selected or announced as a winning story.

1. Agency to shortlist 3 entries per category per venue
2. Representatives from Interbev Philippines Inc. to select 2 entries per category per venue
3. Cobra Hall of Heroes to showcase 12 chosen entries by Interbev Philippines Inc. per venue for public viewing and voting. Each ballot will require one vote in each category; Youth, Workforce, Service Hero and Modern Hero.
4. Netizens can also vote through Cobra Pinoy Hero Awards Facebook Application.
5. Winners will be determined by the following:
·Combination of online and Hall of Heroes Votes – 50%
·Interbev Representatives and the 3 2012 Grand Winners Votes based on criteria below – 50%
o Inspirational Quality – 50%
o Uniqueness – 20%
o Relevance to university/working class life – 30%
6. Verification procedures will be enforced to ensure validity and authenticity of the entries/stories.
7. Four Grand Prize Winners will be chosen nationwide; 1 Youth Awardee, 1 Workforce Hero, 1 Modern Day Hero, and 1 Service Hero.
8. Special Awards like Hero Entrepreneur, Physically Challenged Hero, Hero for Charity Work, Government Service Hero, Private Sector/White Collar Hero, Student Hero, Media/Press Hero, Sports Hero, Industry Hero and OFW Hero of the Year will also be chosen within the Top Ten of each category.
9. Winners will be announced during the Awarding Event on August 28.

a) GRAND WINNERS (One hundred fifty thousand pesos each)
b) SPECIAL AWARDS (Fifty thousand pesos each)
c) SPECIAL AWARDS (Fifty thousand pesos each)